Hello everybody! We're four students (Kate, Olga, Ann & Lena) of the Department of Foreign Languages and Area Studies of Lomonosov Moscow State University. This is our first sample blog dedicated to American Literature issues and to elaboration of our Final Web-Project. If you're interested - welcome!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hello, KOALas!

So, girls, I'm here :)
Waiting for u to join me! ;)
Elena (ewe)

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anna_filatova said...

Hello, Elena, Anna, Kate, Olga!

I just loved the layout and your group picture. But most of all I loved what your abbreviation stands for! Congratulations on the successful registration! Looks like you really had fun doing it.

Lena, I liked your personal profile. It would be great if each of you had it, too.

Please get together and think of your research interests. I am looking forward to hearing your brilliant and original suggestions.

The best of luck,