Hello everybody! We're four students (Kate, Olga, Ann & Lena) of the Department of Foreign Languages and Area Studies of Lomonosov Moscow State University. This is our first sample blog dedicated to American Literature issues and to elaboration of our Final Web-Project. If you're interested - welcome!

Saturday, February 17, 2007


Finally, I'm here. The last, but not the least))
So, nice to see that all the members have already joined the project, and it appeared to me a sheer surprise to read some of your profiles (I thought I knew my group mates so well!;)) As for my own one, it's coming soon)


KOALa-bear said...

Hey you, dedi-KATE! how are you? going to join us on Monday at the Uni as well? :)

You're still the third to post here, because Olya hasn't had time to do it yet.

Sheer surprise? haha, u seem to have ;earned well our recent grammar from unit 5, eh?

dedi-KATE-d said...

Hi-hi, Koala-bear) It seems to me I haven't seen you for ages)) But still, Monday should pass without my presense since I haven't recovered yet(

As for Olga, I quess it would be historically unfair to leave the third place for me))))

Yes, you see me through) That was 5.5, if I'm not mistaken? I had plenty of time to plunge into English grammar and this exercise particularly))))

By the way, are we to have classes on Friday next week?

ewe said...

Hello, chicas!)
Kate... Oh!) I've just understood what means your nickname ;) there's no need to ask so far)
hmm.. about 23Feb: I don't know exactly, but there were rumors that we are free)) I hope so)

ewe said...

And one more thing, girls...
Would you be so kind to inform me about the mistakes I've made (and probably will make)) in my posts here?..)
*may be something already hurts your eyes*

dedi-KATE-d said...

As for the former - actually, we ought to be free since the 23rd of February has been an official holiday so far...
As for the latter (about mistakes) - with great pleasure!:D))))))Privately, of course) As any of us will, as soon as she notices some "defect" in a mate's post, ok?

dedi-KATE-d said...
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KOALition (Keen On American Literature :) said...

*but I think my help won't be necessary* ;)
Elena (ewe)