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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Good evening

Oh, I think I found a treasure!

Here you'll find the scanned collection of Williams' novels.

By the way, I've chosen Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. If you go to the American Centre, you won't find any Tenesse Williams there, because I took the only book resembling the one from the link above. One remained, containing The Night of the Iguana. Besides, at the Centre I found two books with some critical essays, I'll look through them next time when I visit it.

In the photograph you'll see the book I lent :)


ewe said...

Hello, Ann!
Hmm... Sorry, but I have to disappoint you: the link you've posted can't be very helpful for us, because there is a phrase that spoils everything: "These pages are not part of this book preview". And "these" pages are 10-16, 19-28, 31-45, 46-74, 76-83, 85-107, 109-247...
In other words, NO scanning texts, but only the stuff between them...
so, it's a pity :(
and ALL books (links to them) which could be foung with the help of this Google Book Search have an unpleasing inscription such as "Limited view" or "Snipped view". I think you understand what I mean. Those which have "full view" can be much less helpful for us.
:( no texts. NOWHERE in the Net!((

anna_filatova said...

I am heading for the Foreign Literature Library. I've seen a couple of Am Lit anthologies that contained T.Williams' plays. I'lll let you know.

dedi-KATE-d said...

Thanks a lot! That would be very helpful for some of us who still lack the texts.