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Friday, March 16, 2007


*the image from the movie "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof"*

I think the epoch of links started in our blog))
Some useful (I hope so) links for those of us who delve into the T.W. plays
"The Glass Menagerie": http://www.gradesaver.com/classicnotes/titles/menagerie/summ1.html (full summary, characters, some analysis + quizes)

"The Streetcar Named Desire":
http://www.gradesaver.com/classicnotes/titles/desire/about.html (full summary, characters, some analysis + quizes)

http://www.gatewayno.com/culture/TWilliams.html - a link with not much info, but not bad bibliography

As we (most of us) have no original texts of any of the plays, so this link -
http://www.propokupki.ru/knigi_na_inostrannykh_yazykakh/sdef/srchTennessee%20Williams/csП/ - could help us with the on-line purchasing of T.W. books (in English)
There were three movies shot in 1950, 1973 and 1987 based on "The Glass Menagerie"
(1950 - with Kirk Douglas and Jane Wyman; 1973 (TV adaptation) - won 4 Emmies, Katharine Hepburn starring Amanda Wingfield; 1987 - was nominated for a Golden Globe and Golden Palm in Cannes, but didn't win; John Malkovich starring Tom Wingfield)
a film "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" (shot thrice again: in 1958, starring Elizabeth Taylor as Maggie The Cat and Paul Newman as Brick Pollitt, has 6 Oscar nominations; in 1976 with Laurence Olivier, Nataly Wood, Robert Wagner; and in 1985 with Tommy Lee Jones and Jessica Lange, won 1 Emmy)
"The Night of the Iguana" movie (shot in 1964 starring Richard Burton and Ava Gardner; won 1 Oscar and San Sebastian)

If someone needs some movies - inform me and I'll download which you want

*the pic from wikipedia.org*


anna_filatova said...

Hello KOALas!

Good job! Have you started reading the plays? What is your first impression? I do look forward to reading your comments on the plays and its characters. Actually, I am going to re-read the plays, too. So we can have a discussion here.


ewe said...

Hello, Anna Vladimirovna!
Olya has read her play (I don't know exactly about the others, but as for me I haven't started to read yet); you may read her post above to share the impressions of "The Glass Menagerie".

anna_filatova said...

I have just read it. It looks like she really enjoyed it. By the way, Olya recommends it to you. :)That's something! It would be great if all KOALas could read it.