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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Hello! As usual, I'm going to share my impressions.
I have watched "The Streetcar Named Desire" , an old flim based on T.Williams' play with the same title. The first thing that should be mentioned is a marvellous performing of all the actors. Without their tremendous effort, it would be impossible to take Blanche not just an insane woman who got what was coming to her, but a poor creature who is just pretending not to notice that ugly world around her. Even her sister does not sympathise with her much, while the woman is the only one who has never done any harm to anybody. In this way she is very much like Laura from "The Glass Menagerie". However, they are not identical. Laura is not accepted by the society because she underestimates herself. Blanche became an outcast because she did not want to accept rude, harsh people and preferred to imitate a better, more refind world. There is a curious symbol that the play and the film share: Laura's former safe environment is represented by a unicorn, a small glass figure, (which is a former unicorn now, having lost its horn) and a broken mirror (in the scene when Stanley raped Blanche) stands for her illusionary world severely smashed into pieces. Glass here stands for human life, very easy to break, impossible to fix and hurting so much once it is broken.
Here is a link to some more information about T.Williams' plays, I found it quite useful. http://www.sheilaomalley.com/archives/007829.html#more

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anna_filatova said...

thank you for such an insightful comment. I hope you've inspired others to read the play and to watch the movie.

KOALas, I was wondering if you might like the idea of visiting other groups' weblogs and leaving your comments...

How is your experiment with Explode going on? I am sorry I haven't published my tips on social networking (Explode, MyLogBlog, listofbests.com), as I has encountered continuous technical glitches last week. I promise I'll do it later in the week.