Hello everybody! We're four students (Kate, Olga, Ann & Lena) of the Department of Foreign Languages and Area Studies of Lomonosov Moscow State University. This is our first sample blog dedicated to American Literature issues and to elaboration of our Final Web-Project. If you're interested - welcome!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Time to act!*

Hello, girls!
Don't want to flood! Just to diversify the content of this blog (which is not being refreshed for some reason((
Let's trim our sails to the wind! Wake up, ladies! Time to act! ;)
*I like to move it move it*


dedi-KATE-d said...

Hi-hi! Completely agree with you - it's high time we did something) Especially it's high time I made my profile...) It'll be here after the weekend, I promise!)

By the way, I've already prepared an empty disk for you to fill it with the film mentioned. It'll be great to get it on Friday (if possible) in order to have time to watch and discuss. I suggest that we should post, share and compare our impressions, shouldn't we?

dedi-KATE-d said...

Oh! I've forgotten to ask you something of great importance and cruel necessity. Where did you get that funny animated picture?:)

ewe said...

:)) I thought this post would create a furore and squall of destructive critisism! :D but, laus Deo, it didn't)) only your friendly comments)
bring the disk I'll give it back to you on Friday)
yes, I agree that we should watch the movie and then discuss it here, and do not forget it while reading, compare the book and the film.
But do not be in a hurry, probably, it's better to start with the play.

*hahaha) the picture came from annals) I can't give a link 'cause I don't remeber where I got it, so long ago it was)

ewe said...

*note to the previous comment: so long ago it happened

anna_filatova said...

Hello KOALas:),

It's very inspiring that you've decidede to finally start working on the projects.

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